Whistleblowers Reap Big Rewards

           If you have inside knowledge that your employer is submitting false claims to the US or Indiana governments, it could be worth millions. The False Claims Act allows whistleblowers who expose false claims for fraudulent governmental payments to share in the government’s recovery. It is not unusual for the whistleblower to personally receive millions, or even tens of millions, of dollars for reporting these abuses.

           These cases frequently involve false or inflated claims by hospitals or doctors for Medicare or Medicaid payments. Another common example is government contractors who submit false or inflated claims for reimbursements, or when contractors provide false certifications of their qualifications or compliance with regulations.

           If you work for a hospital or doctor, for a contractor that does work for the government, or for some other company that gets paid by the government, you may have inside information about false claims. Contact an experienced attorney to discuss your rights and options.

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