Pavlack Law, LLC, Files Class Action for Fire at the Deer Chase Apartments

            On June 19, 2012, Eric Pavlack of Pavlack Law, LLC, filed a class action case on behalf of residents of the Deer Chase Apartments against the owner and management company of that complex. The case seeks damages for the devastating fire that occurred on June 10, 2012, and that burned out of control because the fire hydrants lacked adequate water pressure. The case was filed in the Marion County Superior Court and is captioned Susan Smith, on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated v. Crestline Communities, LLC and Crestline Property Management, LLC, Cause No. 49D14-1206-CT-24518. Find a link to the filed copy at the bottom of this page.

            The lawsuit was brought by Susan Smith, a long-time resident of the Deer Chase Apartments, whose car and many other belongings were destroyed by the fire. The case was filed as a proposed class action on behalf of all residents of the Deer Chase Apartments who suffered losses due to the fire.

            As has been widely reported in media outlets, the Noblesville Fire Department was called almost immediately after the fire started in a car port at the complex. The fire engines arrived quickly and with what should have been ample time to contain and extinguish the fire. However, when they connected their hoses to hydrants that were owned by the apartment complex, the water pressure was almost non-existent. Apparently the apartment managers turned the pressure down sometime prior to the blaze, possibly in order to save money. The firefighters were forced to run their hoses nearly one mile, to hydrants outside of the complex, in order to obtain suitable water pressure. This delayed their efforts, and allowed the fire to spread out of control.

            Susan Smith, the named plaintiff in the lawsuit, watched helplessly as fire engines arrived at the scene well before her unit had caught fire. She wondered why the fire engines were not putting the fire out immediately upon their arrival, only to later learn that it was due to the lack of water pressure. Since the fire, the apartment managers have made no efforts to help her in this difficult time, and have not offered to pay for her losses in any way.

            It is preliminarily estimated that between 80 to 100 people were impacted by this fire and suffered losses. The class action lawsuit filed by Pavlack seeks damages on behalf of the affected Deer Chase residents.

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