Department of Labor Issues New Overtime Rule For Salaried Workers

The Department of Labor announced that it will raise the threshold amount salaried workers must make to exempt them from being paid overtime. Beginning December 1, 2016, salaried workers making less than $47,476 will be eligible to receive time and a half pay when working overtime. The current threshold, $23,660, has been in place for over a decade. The labor department estimates the new rule will impact the wages of 4.2 million workers nationwide.

Overtime wages, as well as minimum wage requirements, are regulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA). The FLSA was enacted to ensure that workers in the United States are fairly and adequately compensated for their work. If you feel you have not been properly compensated for your time at work, contact the Indiana employment attorneys at Pavlack Law. Through individual cases and class action lawsuits, Eric Pavlack has successfully represented employees with claims against their employers. Call Pavlack Law today, 317-251-1100. The consultation is always free, and there are no fees or expenses unless we win your claim.

Follow this link to read more about changes to the overtime rule and how it could possibly affect you:

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