Rumors of Drugs, Weapons, and Other Contraband Prompt Marion County Jail Shakedown

Following rumors of a massive drug problem and potential weapons inside the Marion County Jail II facility, Sheriff John Layton ordered 40 sheriff’s deputies to conduct a search on the facility this past weekend. The Jail II facility is located at 730 E. Washington Street, and is run by the private jail operator Corrections Corporation of America. Sadly, 27 year-old inmate Nicholas Grant passed away from a fatal overdose on Friday night following the search. A follow-up death investigation is underway, but it is suspected that Grant swallowed a balloon of heroin during the search, which ultimately resulted in his death.

Sheriff Layton will hold a press conference later this week to discuss the findings of the search and to outline possible solutions to protect inmates’ safety while the county awaits further criminal justice reform. The Marion County Jail has been operating in “crisis mode” since earlier this year, with all jail facilities operating at maximum capacity. Currently, other Indiana county jails are handling the Marion County overflow of inmates, and Mayor Hogsett has appointed a task force to analyze the situation. The task force is expected to present their findings in December.

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