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Business Disputes

Business disputes can disrupt more than just businesses.

Highly-skilled legal representation is too often seen as a luxury only afforded to big businesses with bottomless bank accounts.

But that’s not the way we see it.

Having practiced corporate litigation for more than two decades, litigating some of Indiana’s most complex cases and defending the rights of business owners against unfair claims and practices, we, above all, understand how critical it is for you to have attorneys who are well-equipped and knowledgeable on your side when your livelihood, reputation, or investments are at risk over a business dispute.

It’s for this reason that we offer our legal services to small businesses on a contingency or blended fee basis.

We’re confident that when we align our interests with yours, everyone gets better results.
“I knew we had been wronged. The things we were being accused of weren’t true. Having to defend my character and integrity. That’s tough. I knew if we weren’t successful, that I’d be looking for another line of work. Eric came very highly recommended and was everything the other firm said he was.”
-Chris H.
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What Happens Next

As your attorneys, you can count on us to be prepared. We want you to be prepared too. Here’s what to expect once we get started.
1. Meet in person with one of our experienced lawyers.
If we’ve spoken by phone and think you have a case, we’d like to get together face-to-face. You know your business/industry best and we want to know everything we can to represent you effectively. We’re also happy to answer your questions.
2. We’ll get to work collecting evidence.
We’ll work from the inside-out, beginning with any documents or evidence you have. Information is currency in the legal world and we’ll turn over every stone to find it.
3. Legal Research.
Identifying which legal issues may be relevant to your specific case and anticipating how other parties might respond to those issues will strengthen our legal strategy. Our experienced legal staff will do this research upfront, so we’re prepared for anything.
4. Draft legal paperwork and file suit.
In many cases, we can broker a settlement before filing suit. But experience tells us that lawsuits are often inevitable, so we’ll draft legal pleadings for you that will withstand legal challenges.
5. Formal Discovery.
Once we’ve filed your case, we’ll use the court’s rules of “discovery” to subpoena records, collect sworn answers to our questions, and to depose witnesses under oath. The other side will do the same. We’ll help you through every step of that process.
6. Work with Experts.
If we believe it will strengthen your case, we’ll solicit the expertise of independent technical, economic, or other subject matter experts on your behalf.
7. Mediation.
This is a formal settlement conference with a neutral mediator who facilitates settlement negotiations. Courts require mediation before trial, and we always welcome the opportunity to present our evidence and arguments to decision-makers for our opponents.
8. Take the case to trial.
We never assume that we won’t go to trial. So we’ve already done the work necessary to present your case before a judge and jury if there is no satisfactory path to negotiation.

Types of Business Disputes

Our attorneys have a track record of successfully defending businesses and pursuing claims on their behalf in state and federal courts. Below are some of the areas where our attorney’s corporate arbitration and litigation experience offer Pavlack clients a distinct advantage.

Shareholder Disputes

Partnership/Ownership Disputes

Breach of Contract

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Breach and Enforcement of Covenants Not to Compete

Employment Issues

Unpaid Wages or Commissions


Customer’s Failure to Pay for Delivered Products

Small Startup Wins Big Against Fortune 500 Company.

Eric Pavlack was one of the lead attorneys for the plaintiff in this David vs. Goliath case. The plaintiff, a small Carmel, Indiana startup had developed ground-breaking technology. To bring it to market, they partnered with a Fortune 500 who attempted to steal the technology. Successfully proving a breach of contract, Eric and his team secured an enormous settlement for the plaintiff and prevented the infringing company from producing the device.
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Good to Know

Helpful information about business litigation laws in Indiana
  • Indiana is one of several states who established specialized courts for business disputes to render more timely and well-reasoned resolutions. Judges assigned to these courts have a proven depth of knowledge in business and commercial disputes—as should the lawers you choose to represent you in these courts.
  • Most business lawyers are experts at filling in timesheets and sending clients invoices. We focus on results. We usually represent businesses on a contingency or blended fee (reduced contingency and reduced hourly fee) basis. This practice incentivizes us to get maximum results while spending only as much time as is necessary to meet your business objectives.
  • Mediation and arbitration are useful legal tools for avoiding lengthy and expensive litigation. They also give you more control over the outcome than a judge and jury.
  • Too often, minority shareholders get shut out from valuable company information—or worse, are victims of the majority’s fiduciary breaches. Under Indiana law, as a shareholder or partner, you have the right to all company financial and governing information. Securing this information is an excellent first step toward proving any legally actionable wrongdoing.
If it’s a bet-the-business case. We’re all in.
Talk to us about how you can have skillful legal representation based on blended fees or contingency billing.
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