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Good People. Tough Cases.
If we could sum up what drives us, it would be one or the other.
And in most cases, it’s both.

We’ve spent more than two decades of litigating at the highest levels, and won some of Indiana’s toughest, more high-profile cases.

We’ve secured millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for clients and their families that never end up in the news.

We’re not about beating our own chests. We’re about beating the odds. Leveling the playing field with the kind of skilled legal representation that helps ordinary people—in extraordinary circumstances—put their lives back together.

We’re not the biggest firm in town and we don’t want to be.

What we want to be is exactly who we are—hard-working, strategic, compassionate attorneys who have earned the trust and appreciation of our clients and the respect of our colleagues and the courts.

A smaller firm with big cases and a reputation for attacking even the most legally complicated cases with expert knowledge of the law and skillful persistence in pursuit of justice.

Practice Principles

At Pavlack Law, we’re guided by five basic principles. It’s what you can expect from us when we represent you.

What our clients say about us

We’re grateful to have built our practice on the referrals, reviews, and recommendations of clients and colleagues. Here’s what some of them have to say.

    5 star review  Eric Pavlack goes above and beyond for justice. We had a tragic situation involving a very difficult case. One of the "well known lawyers with daily commercials", did nothing for almost a year except waste valuable time for the family. The clock nearly expired for the surviving children to exercise their rights. Pavlack law took the case without hesitation and worked diligently until the end. They won the case and made sure the children of the victim were taken care of for the rest of their lives. I would not hesitate to reach out to Pavlack Law for any reason. Eric is a hardworking, humble, honest good man and he cares deeply about his clients and our community. He doesn't' shy away from a challenge and treats his clients like family. Pavlack Law is one of our city's best kept secrets. Thank God we found out.

    thumb sjefferspathway .
    January 20, 2020

    5 star review  Recently, I found myself in need of an attorney to assist me in a major legal transaction and fortunately, called upon the law firm of Pavlack LLC. I had seen several very positive reviews of Eric Pavlack and his firm as well as heard very impressive comments about his performance as an attorney, so I decided to seek him out as the possible attorney I needed. He measured up to the highest degree in all areas: competence, record of court case wins, integrity, as well as personal demeanor and skill at communication. I could not be happier with or more impressed with him as my attorney. I can wholeheartedly and unhesitatingly recommend with confidence Eric and his firm to anyone needing legal assistance knowing that you will have an equally satisfactory and positive experience as I.

    thumb Karen Miller
    February 14, 2020

    5 star review  Pavlack Law LLC represented us in a very professional and respectful manner. From our very first meeting Eric showed us he was flexible and understanding to our needs. We experienced nothing but first class representation. We appreciate the knowledge Eric and his staff provided along with the feeling we were always a top priority. Our story is a true example of why Pavlack Law would be our recommendation for anyone in need of representation.

    thumb Cory Whistler
    January 20, 2020
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Our Leadership

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Why We Work on a Contingency Basis

A note from Eric Pavlack
I didn’t open my own practice to chase ambulances. I opened it to chase justice.
For everyone, not just those who can afford it.

But most people don’t have the bottomless bank accounts of insurance companies and big business so they settle for less than they deserve in terms of expert legal representation and financial recovery. This is as true for small business owners as it is for individuals.

We believe that people and organizations should be held accountable for their actions. That if you or someone you love has suffered because someone else was negligent, reckless, or has intentionally harmed you, that you should be compensated. Fairly. Completely. And without the added worry of how you’re going to afford an attorney.

I’ve sat on both sides of the courtroom and frankly, I prefer yours. So by offering our services on a contingency basis, I get to level the playing field. And that feels really good.
So what does “contingency fee” mean?
The simplest way to explain contingency fees is that you pay for results. Unlike an hourly billing structure, which puts a lawyer’s interest in increasing charges and collecting more and more money from you, we invest our time up front and experience the risks of winning and losing alongside you.

When we become your lawyers, we enter into a fee agreement that protects both you and us. We agree to advance the costs up front and work without billing you. You agree to pay us a percentage of the total amount we recover for you. We’re in it together.
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